Eating Disorders Anonymous Phone Meetings

Existing Phone Meetings for You

You can call into our phone meetings from anywhere for support!

The Schedule of Active Meetings

7:00 PM Monday Eastern U.S. time
4:00 PM Monday Pacific U.S. time
Call 1-712-432-0385 with the code of 797101#.
(business meeting fourth Monday of the month)
EDA Monday Phone Meeting Format

1:00 PM Tuesdays Eastern U.S. time
10:00 AM Tuesdays Pacific U.S. time
(this time is experimental and may revert to 10 AM ET and 7 AM PT in the future)
Call 1-712-432-0385 with the code of 797101#.
(business meeting second Tuesday of the month)
EDA Tuesday Phone Meeting Format

8:00 PM Thursdays Eastern U.S. time
5:00 PM Thursdays Pacific U.S. time
Call 1-712-432-0385 with the code of 797101#.
(business meeting first Thursday of the month)
EDA Thursday Phone Meeting Format

6:00 PM Fridays Eastern U.S. time
3:00 PM Fridays Pacific U.S. time
Zoom meeting (download the app or call in like a regular conference number)
For the U.S., call 408.638.0968 (type the pound "#" twice after the code if phone in)
Zoom code 7971017971

10:00 AM Saturdays Eastern U.S. time (step study)
7:00 AM Saturdays Pacific U.S. time (step study)
Call 1-712-432-0385 with the code of 797101#.
(business meeting third Saturday of the month)
EDA Saturay Phone Meeting Format

1:00 PM Sundays Eastern U.S. time
10:00 AM Sundays Pacific U.S. time
(business meeting last Sunday of the month)
The number for this meeting is:


And when it asks, type in this.


EDA Sunday Phone Meeting Format

Difficulty Dialing In?

There has been some trouble with a few major carriers breaking their own FCC license agreements and blocking free conference calling. More info here. Click here if you would like to help stop this interference with free trade and our ability to help those with eating disorders whose carriers are breaking FCC (and possibly NAFTA) law. We will be changing our conference number soon and will place the new one here in such a way that it cannot easily be discovered by the law-breakers.

You can email us if you have issues calling in or have any other inquiries. Just use this email without the underscore characters: inquiries_@_eatingdisorderphonemeetings_._org. We added the underscores ("_") to keep robots from scraping our email address from the web and selling it to junk emailers.

The Twelve Steps

EDA Big Book - Ch 5 How It Works

EDA Big Book - Ch 6 Into Action

EDA Big Book - Ch 7 Working with Others

Communicating with EDA

Eating Disorders Anonymous Main Site

Eating Disorders Anonymous address: P.O. Box 55876; Phoenix, AZ 85078‐5876

What is E.D.A?

Eating Disorders Anonymous is a voluntary fellowship of individuals who meet together to share solutions for and recovery from eating disorders. The only requirement for membership is a desire to recover from an eating disorder.

Our primary purpose is to recover from our eating disorders and to carry this message of recovery to others with eating disorders. E.D.A. has adopted a policy of "cooperation but not affiliation" with other organizations and professionals concerned with the problem of eating disorders. E.D.A., as such, has no opinion on outside issues and neither endorses nor opposes any outside causes. E.D.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. Each E.D.A. group is fully self‐supporting through voluntary contribution of its members. There are no dues or fees for membership.

How E.D.A. Members Maintain Recovery and Balance

Recovery is maintained by:

What E.D.A. Does Not Do

In E.D.A. we focus on the solution, not the problem. We are not a "diet and calories club." EDA endorses sound nutrition and discourages any form of rigidity around food. Food is nourishment for mind, soul and body. Balance is our goal.

In meetings, we discuss our disordered thinking that we might also discuss how to work a solution. Diets and weight management techniques do not solve our thinking problem. Because of our competitive natures, we discourage discussion of numbers (weight, calories, time spent exercising, et cetera).

Some FAQs and Stories

Eating Disorders Anonymous FAQS

Eating Disorders Anonymous Stories of Recovery