Eating Disorders Anonymous Phone Meetings

Connecting with the Phone Meetings

You can call into our EDA phone meetings from anywhere for support!

The meetings use Zoom. You can download the app or call in like a regular conference number.

To call in (not using the Zoom app) from the United States, call 408.638.0968. The meeting ID is 7971017971 except where indicated otherwise. Enter the pound "#" sign after the code. There is no participant code, so enter the pound "#" sign again. (The use of this access code is prohibited for communications outside of the scheduled EDA meetings.)

Current Schedule of Active Meetings

(Last updated 2017/08/22)


1:00 PM Sundays Eastern U.S. time
10:00 AM Sundays Pacific U.S. time
(business meeting last Sunday of the month)
Sunday Phone Meeting Format


6:00 PM GMT
8:00 PM South Africa Time
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Phillapines, or Singapore time is Monday 2:00 AM
(The meeting ID is 570242738, followed gy the pound "#" sign, and the participant number is the same.)


7:00 PM Monday Eastern U.S. time
4:00 PM Monday Pacific U.S. time
(business meeting fourth Monday of the month)
Monday Phone Meeting Format


1:00 PM Tuesdays Eastern U.S. time
10:00 AM Tuesdays Pacific U.S. time
(this time is experimental and may revert to 10 AM ET and 7 AM PT in the future)
(business meeting second Tuesday of the month)
Tuesday Phone Meeting Format


8:00 PM Thursdays Eastern U.S. time
5:00 PM Thursdays Pacific U.S. time
(business meeting first Thursday of the month)
Thursday Phone Meeting Format


6:00 PM Fridays Eastern U.S. time
3:00 PM Fridays Pacific U.S. time


10:00 AM Saturdays Eastern U.S. time (step study)
7:00 AM Saturdays Pacific U.S. time (step study)
(business meeting third Saturday of the month)
Saturay Phone Meeting Format

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Business Address

Eating Disorders Anonymous
P.O. Box 55876
Phoenix, AZ 85078‐5876